To grow as an alliance we have to be active and have rules.  The rules are as follows;
DONATIONS:  Donations are an important part of the game especially during war times.  So war donations take priority over multiplayer battle donations.  Every alliance member is expected to donate.  The minimum donations given should be 50 from midievil age and up.  The other ages should donate to non war people because they don't have troops that are needed for war.  Therefore they will still try to stay close to 50 but will not be held to that but still must donate.  Donations received should not be more than twice your given all of the time.  I understand that sometimes you go on a multiplayer war spree and need them.  You will be given warnings about your donations if they are to low.  After 5 warnings you will go before council for a vote to get booted or stay.  I am aware of family vacations and emergencies, just let myself or a coleaders know you won't be around.  If it is a prolonged period of time as long as you keep us updated on your intentions to return,  we will hold your spot.
WARS:  You will be obligated to keep your war box on your alliance gate up to date.  If it is checked and you are chosen for war you must participate.  If you don't want to be in war that's fine just unchecked your war box.  If you are in war and miss both attacks you will not be allowed to participate in the next 3 wars.  If you miss one attack you will not be able to participate in the next (1) war unless told by leader or coleaders not to use it.  Your first attack must be made in the first 10 hours of the war so second attacks can be decided and not held up.  Three infractions of any one of these or a combination of both you will go before council to be voted to be booted or stay.  War is an important part of participation so you will be obligated to be in 2 wars a month from midievil age and up.  The lower ages are to weak but can volunteer but are not obligated.  Same as everything else getting booted depends on your participation and time between infractions.
WAR SCHEDULE:  Monday 1800 - Wednesday 1800
                                 Thursday 0600 - Saturday 0600
                                  Saturday 0600 - Monday 0600
WAR SUGGESTIONS:  If you get 0 stars in both attacks, take a war or two off to upgrade troops and alliance wall to receive more donated troops.  If your base is 5 starred in two back to back attacks,  you should see about reconstruction of your war base.   You can go to the game website or YouTube for examples.  Also can ask fellow alliance members, we can help too.  You also might want to upgrade some defenses.
We have 3 coleaders and 5 council members at this time.  These are not ranks they are jobs.  That is all I feel we need at this time till we get more members.  The people chosen are the most active so I can get in touch with them when needed.  If a vote involves a council member the vote will go to the coleaders.  I keep everything down in a log book so council will have the information needed to make a fair decision.  I want you to know that just because you go before council doesn't necessarily mean you are going to get booted.  Your participation record, time between infractions and other items will be taken into consideration.
These are just a base for rules.  They are not written in stone.  Suggestions are welcome and will be considered and voted on.  After all we are a team.
The last thing is respect for all team members.  Name calling and disrespecting people will not be tolerated.  A leader or coleaders has the right to boot you without a vote.  We have done this already with two people and we will again.  If for some reason you get angry about something talk to myself or a coleaders and we will try to resolve the issues.

PROGRESSING: You must show some type of progress monthly.  I will be keeping track of medal counts and levels.  There is a 10 medal minimum per month.  You can achieve this in 1 or 2 multibattle wins.  Your level should also go up.  Although there will be no minimum for level advancement you still must raise your level.  This is the only way we are going to get stronger.  I lowered the minimal medal count to be able to join. I would like to see the people under this minimum to try to bring your count up to the joining level of 500.

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